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And we are honored to extend our cooperation with you in the implementation of furniture and decorative wooden interiors and all the work and cut melamine and coating of PVC in your projects therefore extend to you an outline of the plant and the actions that have been implemented through the factory.

The factory was established in 1993 AD

We have a distinct set of factory engineers decoration and architecture professionals in the art of engineering design and interior decoration on the latest means of computers.


The factory have a tremendous amount of skilled labor, which has long-standing experience in the field of wooden interiors and trims that are designed by engineers from the factory or from external designs.

Where factory workers, specialists in the field of drilling and engraving

Wood finished and applied accurately to continue our factory always and always one of the first factories in the Hama area. All factory workers of engineers and workers to ensure the factory.

Activity factory

Have the best of modern technologies in order to be able to keep up with the labor market and an end to our work in the best shape possible and the plant is working on the implementation of all woodwork and wooden décor and furniture and interior furnishing hotels, palaces and large villas and door manufacturing large quantities is available. The factory machines CNC wood-carving. At present, the factory machines Laser drilling on wood, leather and acrylic and Alstal steel and iron. Melamine plates, and place cut on the computer and Takecat and coating the PVC.


We have our factory job and the implementation of a huge amount of large projects in the city of Riyadh, in particular, and in all parts of the Kingdom General My recipe is applied where models of local and global catalogs and a high level of execution and accuracy with which the factory is working to satisfy our customers the highest level.

Our factory also created designs modern, upscale single out from other factories dazzled all viewers.

Price, fixtures

The factory is characterized finished precisely where all business delivery in the agreed date. But our wages career is characterized by the factory at an affordable price and competition in domestic and international markets, and there are special offers for large projects.

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