Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,, Office of HRH Prince Saud al-Faisal.

Private residential project to HRH Prince Abdul Aziz bin Mishaal bin Saud Al reality in Arka.

Project Alezerah to HRH Prince Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Saud.

Private residential project of HRH Shahinaz girl Faisal bin Fahd Al Saud.

King Saud University .

Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair Group hotels (ALL K.S.A Branch )

AL Fahad  hotels Group  located in Riyadh.

Fahd Crown Hotel Group located in Riyadh.

Pleasing group Atyab shops located in all parts of the Kingdom.

Private residential project for the villa of Al-Rajhi.

Private residential project to MR/ Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair.

Dar Al Arkan project located in the Granada district of Seville. (Acts manufacture and installation of doors)

Slemyan Rajhi Foundation, located at exit 15.

King Fahd Medical College.

Dorat AL Riyadh Group.

Saudi Automotive Services .CO  (SASCO). (Acts counters work stations and Super 8 hotels in Thumama)
MITHAQ Contracting Company. (Acts Palace and Villas and mosque).

Hashem Contracting and Trade Co., Ltd. (Business school Cupboards)

Decorated with Contracting Company. (Acts Hotels)

Aja Trading & Contracting. (Acts Cupboards School)

Obaid AL Selmmy Group of Companies For Contracting. (Business school Cupboards)

Tebrak Trading & Contracting. (Business school Cupboards)

ENDECO  Contracting Company. (Business school Cupboards)

AL Fakhar restaurant. (Interior Design)
The Ministry of Labor Office of the Director of Riyadh branch.

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