interior design
There factory interior design department and work schemes AutoCAD and 3D Max and the factory has a staff of highly experienced coach for the implementation of all the works of interior design.
Wooden doors + PVC doors
The factory all have to prepare for the implementation of any design of wooden doors professionally complete solitude and great Bkamiah
And we have a special section for the doors of PVC
Cut businessman computer and PVC coating
The factory has a high-quality machines from the computer and dressing cut straight edges and circular material of PVC or melamine.
Acts of CNC and LASER
CNC machines available at the factory and LASER high accuracy where the shift state of the picture or design to drilling, burning, wood sculpture, glass, acrylic, leather and plastic
Department parquet
Ready to carry out all types of parquet orders (Parque normal – hardwood floors – floors resistant to weather) in addition to the parquet contain CNC Graphics
Hotels doors Accessories
The factory has all the readiness to provide all brushes hotels and doors accessories kits
Business processing and Palaces Hotels and Furnished Apartments
Equipped crew is available for factory work of brushes and there are special designs for brushes hotels and furnished apartments and we all prepare for the implementation of any designs submit to us

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